Kamas Valley Business Association
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We have robust talent in our valley and we are thrilled to have the following committees working to reach our goals. If you’d like to to contact one of our committees, please go to the “Contact Us” tab and send a email with the committee name in the top of the section.

Membership | Strengthening relationships and awareness in the Kamas Valley business community; working together for the common good as our valley grows. We seek to preserve open space and our shared values as a rural community. Chairs, Kristie Bair & Lorri Sargeant

Events | We promote pride and community spirit among residents, enhance the Kamas Valley position. We attract new talent and visitors and bring local business’ together through networking and community involvement. Chairs, Tal Adair & Leanne Zamzow Brandenburg

Corridor Enhancement & Preservation | We are committed to the Kamas Valley Corridor being as beautiful as possible and filled with charm. We work with businesses and secure grants to ensure that our corridor is a destination for visitors and our community. Chair, Eileen Dunn

Marketing | Using a variety of platforms to share information with and within our community. We promote: the activities and initiatives of the committees, community events and our member businesses. Chair, Betty Morin

Funds | Ensure that the organization remains in compliance to maintain our non-profit status. We communicate about grants available to businesses and ensure that our money is being spent in a way that is in alignment with our mission. Chair, Byron Ames

Technology | Advancing the organization through education in technology. Chair, Eric Hansen